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Boost, an offshoot of Girls’ Leadership Camp (GLC), has cultivated a strong reputation in New Hampshire and beyond. Boost brings GLC to you! The session facilitators and Program Director welcome the opportunity to partner with you in emboldening the youth in your community to be emphatic, compassionate and trusted change makers.

High School Boost Overview

The High School Boost is a 3-hour program designed to address the ripple effect of leadership. The discussion starts with the SOLO circle and self-care, moves to the INNER circle and friendships, and ends by addressing the OUTER circle and leadership. The program includes three nationally recognized speakers, all passionate and eager to dive into topics surrounding different areas of the ripple effect. The program includes activity, collaboration, competition, challenge, discussion and fun! After learning new skills and perspectives, girls are encouraged to declare their commitments to their circles, and loudly and proudly state “I AM WHO I AM!”

Here’s what one educator has to say about the program:

"As a mom, educator and woman it was amazing for me to watch the girls in our school community deeply engage in such a meaningful event on our campus. Our girls were laughing, crying and connecting around the topics that matter most when empowering girls to become women of positive energy and influence in their communities. “

Kate Saunders, Assistant Head of School, Tilton School 

Middle School Boost Overview: 


The Middle School Boost is a customizable, energizing one-day leadership conference for middle schoolers to join together for a thought-provoking and uplifting experience!

Schools and organizations typically bring Boost in as either a Wellness Program for their middle school students, or as an extracurricular weekend event, open house, promotion - you name it - we can customize Boost to meet your needs.

This program includes training high school volunteers in advance to facilitate interactive workshops following each of the talks. This training and inclusion of older girls allows for an invaluable opportunity for both the high schoolers and middle schoolers to experience cross-generational mentoring and the teaching of skills related to leadership, self-care, social courage, healthy friendships and goal-setting.

Girls of all ages leave this event feeling heard, reassured, confident and strong!

Here is what one middle school participant had to say about the program:


“I never thought about how I take care of myself, and how I act as a friend to others would matter when it was time for me to be a leader. I am now understanding the ripple effect. Boost made me want to take the best care of myself, so I can be the best for others. It also made me re-think what it means to be a girl. I can be whoever I want to be, and I have so much to offer the world. I am marvelous! And I am who I am!”

– 7th grade Boost participant 

KUA Boost video made by Camper Helen Feldhaus 

"I am sophomore in high school. I live in Boston Massachusetts, and am a GLC enthusiast. I first got involved when I was in 5th grade, with the boost and summer camp. I am now involved with the Girl Captain Morocco and Peru trips. I love all the positive energy that comes with working with younger girls, my peers, and the leaders!”


Boost was very good at making sure we were happy and comfortable and relaxed. It also gave great advice to girls and helped us figure out tough situations.

This is my first experience and everyone made me feel very welcomed. I made new friends and I am looking forward to next year.

It was fun! I liked the workshops and wished there was more time with our high school leaders.

bring boost to your school

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