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Our Programs

Girls’ Leadership Camp promotes assertive self-expression, teaches important life skills, and allows the practice of leadership in a variety of settings, this unique and transformational pre-high school summer program inspires girls to reach their full potential. 


Nationally-recognized advisors have shaped a unique summer leadership program that combines tackling serious topics with hands-on workshops, field trips, and outdoor activities. With a strong emphasis on setting goals to achieve as members of the community, school, and home, this camp will provide the tools necessary to empower young women to have a successful and rewarding year! 


Boost is an energizing one-day conference for middle school girls to join together for a thought-provoking and uplifting experience. By engaging with high school volunteers, adults lead a cross-peer mentoring experience that teaches the middle school girls about leadership, self-care, values, confidence and goal-setting.


The high school volunteers, for whom our staff train, serve as team leaders that facilitate ice breakers and healthy group discussions. This double layer of leadership collaboration aims to ignite new relationships across generations while at the same time foster team building, conversation, and fun!

On Hold for 2023

Girl Captain aims to assist young women in building courage, confidence, communication and leadership skills while gaining a global perspective on shared experiences with other women of all ages. 

Under the guidance of experts in the fields of experiential learning, leadership training and mentoring, the girls have the opportunity to practice and implement what they learn within communities around the world.

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