Our Needs

In 2019 Generation Change set on a bold adventure.  We took courage from the more than 350 girls who have attended either GLC, Boost, Girl Captain or all three since inception and said, "Let's share this magic!"  With the ambition of expanding, we incorporated as a nonprofit and set a three-year target goal to raise scholarships and operational funding for each of our existing programs. If our "Genesis" campaign goes well, we have a few more ideas up our sleeves. 


For now, we would be honored for you to walk alongside our board members and leadership team in supporting our programs.  Opportunities are outlined below.  Please call Anne Clauss, or email any of our Board members, if you would like to discuss your gift before proceeding. 

  • send a girl to Girls’ Leadership Camp (GLC), $1400

  • send a girl to Girl Captain, $3750

  • send Boost to a deserving school & reach 100 girls, $4,000

  • general support at any level is always welcome! It is amazing how one donation bundled with a few others can change a life.

Click "Donate" below to share in our adventure, and thank you for visiting.
    -Brook, Jody, Kristy, Anne, Kara, Alex, Nicole and Kim